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Rounded theme arrived!

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Rounded theme - Create spectatular and fancy forms

With this theme you can create unique login and registration forms to your website. You should click to the login or registration button above the article to check an example. We have added some new features to create cool form designs.
Here are the most important features of this theme:

  • Rounded fields and forms: In the Rounded theme, the input fields and form window have also received the rounded style just like the buttons.

  • New checkbox style: We created a new switch-design for the checkboxes to fit better modern forms.

  • Background image: The forms background color can be used as a transparent overlay and you can set a custom background image behind it. With this little trick you can create very unique login and register forms.

  • Login logo settings: The logo-sizing property specifies the sizing technique of the logo image. After selecting the cover/contain option, you can specify the height and width of the logo in pixels.

  • Social-container background color: We have put the social icons to a container which can be colored.

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